Monday, February 6, 2012

Starting Anew

Earlier today I started to write a post, then read the last post I wrote back in April and had to take  a break for some sadness.  As many of you know, my dearest Howard passed over in November, and my life has been totally upside down since then.  BUT the good news is that I'm working on putting my sewing/quilting room back together after my move -- along with the rest of the house, of course, but, hey, "I got me priorities!"

I've given myself two weeks to be able to sit at my sewing machine again -- it's been lonely since last spring! And my poor neglected longarm has been waiting even longer!

As I sort through "stuff" hanging around on tables and on shelves and baskets where they have "rested" for months, I think inspiration will strike me!

One of the biggest things I had wanted to do last year, and I'm going to give  it a go this year -- 50 quilts from my stash by December 2012.  If you want the challenge, I'll be posting patterns each week that will make this goal possible ... just hang on for a few :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life Challenges ...

Each time I think we're on the "go" path ... another challenge comes in my door.  In my last note I was hot set to go on several projects -- first was a 50 quilts from stash this year ( which just about amounts to one per week!) and then there is the outstanding Shakespeare in the Park quilt parts that I'm so behind on ...

And you know what, when you're facing the life and death of your one true love, it all takes a back seat.

In February my darling husband -- truly the love of my life -- was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer -- with good success rate -- but the cancer spread to his liver and his bones before we had a chance to breathe.

Tomorrow is his second series of blood tests and second round of chemo.  At the best they have given my husband a few months to live ... I want to make it as quality of life as I can.  I cannot bear that he might leave me on this earth alone.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Florida is Joy

As ambivalent as I was about making this move to Florida, it seems to be a good thing!  We are loving the weather -- even though there have been some downright "chilly" days -- overall it's pleasant and we can sit outside most of the time.  We've even been picking oranges from our own trees and I'm squeezing my little heart out keep up with making juice.  It's all a good thing!

Jenny and Sophie came from Texas mid-January and wow did they help me finish organizing the sewing/quilting room!  Everything is labeled; all the toys ... er tools ... are in place and I've actually been sitting at the sewing machine doing something!

One quilt is almost loaded on the longarm and once I get to stitching on that I'll feel like I'm home :)

So ... come on and visit!  Welcome to Florida and Feathered Flamingo Quilting!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Starting Over ...

I'm sure you recall my angst back in September when I spent hours and days getting my sewing room into workable shape! ... If you've forgotten, there's some blogging about it hehehe  And now, here we are in Florida and guess what?  I have to figure this space out all over again!  I KNOW!!  life is cruel sometimes lol!!  But tote by tote and box by box here I am again trying to make order out of chaos!  Sounds like an MI5 task!  Where's my shoe phone??!!

See you when I surface from this mess!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

50 Quilts From Stash -- Can it be done??

Oh, you betcha!!  Can I make 50 quilts from my stash?! For sure!  How long do I have? as long as it takes! But I'd sure like to see it done in 2011!  So that would be a LOT of quilts in 14 months!  hmmm when I look at it like that, can I really do it??!!  YES, I can!  Can you?

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Assistant?

Under a little pressure to finish a quilt yesterday, Howard offered to help.  But he had to get all his gear on in order to do a proper job of it!! This man cracks me up!  The sun glasses are not because of the bright lights -- they are his safety goggles!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Start New Projects!!

Did that title make you blink?  Here I am for the past few weeks studiously working on cataloging and organizing my UFOs -- unfinished objects -- and stewing about what to finish next and what to do to get things finished by the end of the year.  And then I encourage you to start something new!!

I haven't lost my mind!!  I promise!!   And finishing up these things is still really, really important to me!  But you know, sometimes just working on "old" things can be downright boring!!  Where's the fun in looking at new fabrics and patterns that inspire you if you can't focus on how much fun that new project will be.  Talk about a "downer"!!  And what about that new technique you saw your friend using?  Or the new ruler that your local shop is carrying?!!

Do you feel like a hostage to your UFOs?  Are they overwhelming you?  Follow some of the tips offered in earlier posts and then get your creative juices flowing again.  Got a pattern you have fallen in love with?  What fabric to use? what color choices?  How can you resist the call of the new project?!  Your UFOs are still going to be there, and you can still work on them ... but give yourself a break and have some fun with a new project!

Guilt is a terrible thing to waste -- so save it for something besides those unfinished objects that are sitting around.  Remember that you'll get to them eventually, or they'll find new uses and new homes eventually.  Focus on having some fun!!

I'm off to cut fabric for my new Saturday mystery class -- maybe it will be a UFO someday, but in the meantime, I'm having fun choosing fabrics from my stash!