Thursday, September 24, 2009

Come Fly With Me!! or How to Make Flying Geese ...

There are so many things to do with Flying Geese – great borders, wonderful sashing, stunning by themselves, the possibilities are really limited only by your imagination. And they’re pretty easy to do, if you take a few minutes to be really accurate in your cutting and sewing.

Flying Geese are also special because you can make them any size you want, without a lot of math involved, There’s a simple formula:

The finished width of a Flying Geese Block is always twice the finished height ... in other words, a 4" wide finished block will be 2" tall.

There’s a variety of ways to make these blocks and I’m going to show you some of them today. If you really want to eliminate some work, you can always use the Gridded Geese at Planet Patchwork, or you might like to try the Flying Geese Ruler by Lazy Girl Designs (there’s a demo on how it works here

But my goal here is to show you a few methods that I know to be accurate. If you are working on Judy Martin’s Shakespeare in the Park quilt pattern, then you already know that you are going to need a million flying geese (well, not really that many – but a LOT!).


Tip No. 1 : Remember that a finished flying geese block will be half the height of the width.

So go get yourself some coffee and some chocolate, and let’s get started.

Method One - Cut One/Sew One
Method Two - Cut Four/Sew One
Method Three - Cut One/Sew Four


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