Thursday, August 27, 2009

Need Design Space?

I do love putting bits and pieces of my projects up on a design wall and then stepping back to give it "an eye" ... or to put it up piece by piece, section by section, watching it grow into its final product. But I don't always have wall space available. I much prefer to see finished projects hanging on the wall instead of bits and pieces ... Here's a really quick, inexpensive design board for you to make ... and there's even enough material to make one for your best quilting friend!

Off to the hardware store where I found an 8' tall piece of foam insulation and it's 4' wide. Mine was blue, but I've also seen it in pink. Color really doesn't matter! There was no way that an 8' tall piece was going to fit in the car, so the nice guys at Lowe's cut it horizontally for me into 2 4' x 4' pieces. I paid about $9 for the whole piece. The first chunk I scored down the middle with my trusty utility knife and added my flannel. After reinforcing it with some duct tape (blue, of course), it was a folding design wall and could be stored anywhere! That one is 4' x 4' and folds down the middle with the flannel inside to keep it from getting dirty.

The second piece of insulation I cut directly in half to make it two 4' by 2' boards. Then I took some white flannel yardage and some extra long silk pins, and tacked the flannel to the board...

And in 15 minutes or less ... my design wall is ready to be put to good use!


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