50 Quilts From Stash - Step One

Didn't want to confuse myself with making quilts from my stash (50 of them!!) this year, with all the UFOs that are in my pile of things to do, so I spent the past few weeks sorting out what's what.  Now, my UFO list is over on Stashbuster@yahoogroups.com where I get kudos when I finish something (larger than a potholder hehehe).  But I've got a start of the 50 quilts from stash that is my project for 2011.

Here's the beginning of my list -- consider it a work in progress until I hit that magic number!! Some of them used to be on my UFO list but since they really weren't started, and they ARE totally from my existing stash, I put them on my challenge list.

1,  1930s log cabin
2.  Autumn Leaves (one of Judy Martin's masterpieces)
3.  "The" baseball quilt -- there may be two of them in my future as I bought lots of fabric a few years back!
4.  Batik hearts -- I made a wonderful heart quilt some years ago with beautiful fabrics from friends -- unfortunately, one of my roommate's dogs ate it so it lives no more ... time for a new one!
5.  Batik tumbling blocks ... goodness I do have plenty of batiks for this one!
6.  Blue and yellow split 9-patch -- I've been collecting blues and yellows/blues/yellows for years -- guess I should use them!!
7.  Icy blues Dresden Plate -- one of my friend Steph's designs that I've collected fabric for since oh about 2001!  I think I have enough now lol!!
8.  Christmas snowman panel made into log cabin -- can one ever have enough Christmas quilts?
9.  Civil War Delectable Mountain -- Yes, I do have a collection of civil war repros that may never be all used, but I'm going to try.  Jo Morton has some great patterns, too, that I might make use of (well, of course I have the books!! lol!!)
10.  My Virginia quilting group had a mystery every month this past year and it had a state theme.  One of my favorites was Kansas and it's a great opportunity to use my "smallish" sunflower collection!
11.  I think a collection of kitty fabrics spanning 20 years should be included in a quilt this year!
12.  Moose flannels should be turned into a lovely rag quilt for one of my friends in the very cold northeast!
13.  Peaches and cream pinwheels and posies -- a wonderful Bonnie Hunter pattern that is begging to be made.  hmmmm wonder if I have enough peach fabric??!! lol!!
14.  I just saw this scrappy Ocean Waves today and decided it definitely should be on my list of 50 quilts for the year.  Especially since I got the "GO BABY" cutting system and I have the half square triangle die for cutting!!! And while I'm cutting for that ...
15.  I could be cutting for the Lady of the Lake pattern from one of my old quilting magazines.  It has the quilt which is stunning enough, but the applique borders are too awesome to ignore!
16.  Sophie's monkey quilt -- I have no idea what I'll do for this one, but I have a pile of monkey fabrics that should be used before she turns 20! lol!!
17.  Scrappy plaids.  Believe it or not, back in the mid 1990s I was hanging out in a quilt store and the owner handed me board after board of fabric samples from the previous owner -- all plaids!  I started a quilt from them and it's time to finish -- and for sure I have the fabrics in my stash to do this one!
18,  French Market - a three month project online that I'm going to do out of the same "icy blues" as referenced above.  Guess what? I have enough!
19.  Red Radiating Star - totally from my stash and kind of flying by the seat of my pants on this one!  A friend made it in blue and white a few years back and I'm trying to copy it.  If I'm lucky, this could be my first "50" finish!
20.  "Cherry Cordial" wallhanging ... another juicy project that is fully packed up and ready to work on -- for years!  This could be it's lucky year!
21.  Yellow and white Triple Irish Chain -- I can picture this in my mind because the yellow fabric is all daisies and daffodils and lovely spring flowers, and for sure the fabric is here so let's get it done!!
22,  Lovely snowman wallhanging that is made up of 4" squares of fabric -- sort of like a quilt by number of a mosaic, only this one is easy!
23.  Anything prettier than the gorgeous Orientals that have been available for years?  Yes, I collected those, too! and it's time to put them into a kimono quilt.
24.  Another "dream quilt" of mine is the Lone Star and I have a beautiful pattern that makes 4 blocks, each different, for a wall hanging.  My colors are teal and brown and it's sitting ready to go!

Well, not quite half the list, but we have to save room for those projects that will be coming along throughout 2011 and make it to my "must have" list.

I'll check back at the end of February with my update!  In the meantime, tell us what you're working on!!