Monday, September 28, 2009

Design Elements -- A Challenge for YOU!

And now for something completely different.... (but related I PROMISE!!!!) If you have completed the flying geese for the Shakespeare in the Park quilt and need something to keep you busy this week -- try this one for size!

I have recently gone back to school. This is one of the reasons for my slack in the posting department. I love quilting so much that when I was presented with the opportunity to go back to school I wanted to do something that would enhance my art, so I am going back for Graphic Design. I am learning so much and wanted to share this with you. Not only am I learning about color and value, I am learning about design.

Design is such an important aspect to art -- including quilting -- and I think we tend to overlook it sometimes. Many times we have so many things presented to us that we get in a cut and paste mentality. We fall into a feather/stipple/crosshatch rut. For me it was hard to come up with my own ideas, when I could look at everyone else’s ideas and they seemed to come so easily.

To help break us out of that rut and to help us approach design with a new eye, I present to you a challenge to look at your world and the design elements in you’re every day. When you take the time to look at the design elements around you, I promise you, you will look at your quilting differently.

Your challenge for the next week is to look at the natural elements that are around you every day and take pictures of them. Photograph what you see -‐focus on seeing things differently; a new perspective or something you haven’t noticed before. Look from different angles, different position, see the subtle and not-so-subtle shadings.

Take pictures of Line, Color, Texture, Pattern and Shape

Look for signs, text, symbols, color and pattern. Use both nature and man-made objects. Do not set up something, but capture the element "in the wild" so to speak. Challenge yourself with interesting compositions, experiment with emphasis through focusing the lens The trick here is to stay AWAY from the craft/fabric room. Get out there – Looking at the elements of design in your everyday world will help you out in so many ways. It will inspire you, help you out of a rut, and let you see the art all around you. Take as many pictures as you would like, but please only send me the top picture in each category. E-mail them to us at Have them all in to me by Monday the 12th of October. Linda and I will pick the winner out of all the submissions Wednesday the 14th of October. As incentive for your challenge I have a Moda Honey bun and 2 charm packs for the winner. Here are some examples that I took when I had this challenge presented to me.






Good luck and REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Really quick note - Have to add - these have to be YOUR pictures that YOU took
No snagging pics off google!!! :)


Idaho Donna said...

What a fascinating pair you two are! I am so happy to have found your blogs.
I am new to the SITP yahoo group and have found my way to your blogs.
I live in North Idaho near Coeur d'Alene and am retired married to a wonderful guy. We are raising a 13 year old grandson, so are always busy.
I started quilting about 3.5 years ago and just love it. It is now my passion.
I, too, Linda, would say I am not creative, but quilting has opened up a whole new world of color for me.
I will certainly be following your blogs.

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