Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flying Geese - Method Two

Method Two - Cut four/sew one

This method cuts 4 goose pieces (large triangle) and 8 sky pieces that are then sewn one at a time.

You will need one square cut the size of your desired width plus 1.25" for the geese and four squares the size of the finished height plus 7/8".

Cut the large square into four triangles by cutting diagonally both ways. Cut your small squares in half diagonally.

Because I’m working on the Shakespeare in the Park quilt, I want my large square to be 4.25" and cut into four triangles to make a 3" x 1.5" finished (desired finished width is 3" + 1.25") block and my little squares are going to be 2-3/8" (desired finished height is 1.5" + 7/8").

Take one small triangle and line it up face down with the left side of the larger triangle and sew a scant 1/4" seam. Press open.

Take your second triangle and place it face down on the right side of the larger triangle and sew a scant 1/4" seam. Press open.

Your flying goose should measure 3.5" x 2". Again, make sure you have the little 1/4" seam allowance where the triangles meet. If you don’t then your seams may be off a bit – measure them!

Tip No. 3 : Since your triangles have bias edges, handle gently so they aren’t stretched out of shape.

Tip No. 4: Be sure to read what Judy says in her book regarding the little tips sticking out all over! You'll be glad you did!


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