Friday, September 4, 2009

Shakespeare in the Park - fabric selections

In our previous post about colors, we showed you ideas for a monochrome Shakespeare in the Park -- I know many are choosing the blues and whites or blues and creams. GREAT colors!! For those who might not have the book yet, the quilt is made up of 5 different blocks. One of the blocks is a Snails Trail and all of those blocks are made with the light and dark fabric always in the same place. The other four blocks, however, alternate with the light as the background sometimes and the dark as the background at others. This gives us lots more opportunities to use a selection of colors if you want to venture away from a two color quilt.

I spent a few minutes up in my sewing room playing around with some fabrics and thought you might enjoy seeing some different combinations. Click on the picture to see larger versions. If you'd like to show us your fabric selections, just email me a photo and I'll post it here!
Here's a beautiful combination from Donna in New Hampshire ... love that teal with black!


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