Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shakespeare in the Park - Assignment Week 2

This week you are going to be putting blocks together. As you look at
the components of the Y and Z blocks, how would you suggest putting them

What method(s) did you use for the Flying Geese? and why did you choose
that method?

Are all your flying geese measuring the same? If not, what difficulty
did you have?

And your assignments:

1. Cut patches A, H, F, G (F and G depend on chosen method of Flying

2. Put 6 Star Blocks together

Your completed blocks should measure 6.5" square. If they don't, check
your seam allowances and check that you cut pieces A and H accurately.

Assignment Week 1
Assignment Week 3


Donna in NH said...

I'm a little behind because I changed my mind about my light fabric. I finished step 2 today and I used the Quilt in a Day flying geese ruler to make my geese because it's my favorite method for making them.

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