Monday, March 8, 2010

Retreating is so fun!!

Went off to a quilt retreat at my favorite local quilt store this weekend ... What's Your Stitch 'n Stuff in Virginia Beach ... and had so much fun!  They hold the retreat quarterly, starts on Friday evening, resumes Saturday morning and runs until midnight, then all day Sunday until about 6 p.m.  Lots of the meals are provided, and groups go out for others or take-out orders come in.  And it's hours of sewing and companionship and tons of laughing!  I was totally exhausted when I came home last night, but had a blast! 

I worked on several projects while there, but the most fun was a baby quilt made out if strips of mostly 1930s reproduction fabrics.  Then I put in a few rows of chenille -- my first time using chenille by the inch! -- and some words for babies (eat, sleep, play, repeat) and it's just the cutest darn thing!  When I finish the top this week I'll post some pictures for you.

At the "closing ceremonies" I was totally blown away to receive an MVP award from my teammates!!  Actually brought me to tears!  I'm sure that the chocolate dessert I brought contributed to their good feelings towards me, but no matter -- I was touched :)

Great weekend ... now back to sewing!


Daryl Ann said...

I am glad you are back posting -- we missed you, but I hate these new colors. They're tough to see -- just my two cents.


Daryl Ann said...

Cousin: I love this format -- it's sooo much better.


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