Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clean Sewing Room!

Woooohooooo!!!  I worked all afternoon on my sewing room!  Put project parts all together, found good stuff, emptied tote bags that were storing "stuff" and cleaned off the cutting table and the sewing table!!!  Now I'm ready to work!  Got everything in nice little sections on my sewing table and tomorrow will be a sewing day!  One of my group lists is having an online retreat for the weekend and I do believe I have enough things ready to sew and sew!!

My plan for tomorrow is to fix the backing for a (very very old!) UFO and get it loaded on the machine (pictures to follow when I actually get it on there!!), and put the borders on a strip quilt.  then I have bits and pieces waiting to be worked on to complete a few other projects ... AND I am going to get the cutting done for two upcoming mystery projects!

I'm loving the good weather and my increasing energy level!!


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