Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bonus view!

Even though I hadn't scheduled it for today, I also went to work on my sewing station.  Here it is (even found the scissors that belong to this space!) all ready for me to work.  The little pile of fabrics to the left of the machine are the "Potato Chip" bags that were a work-in-progress before my room exploded!

So tonight is probably hand-sewing, but look out tomorrow!  When that sun comes up, I'm ready to go to town in my sewing room.

And lest you think I'm done .... there's one more space in the sewing room that I haven't tackled.  Here's what's waiting for me ...  This is the big double closet in the sewing room.

But I'm going to close the doors and think about it another day!


Teaquilts said...

Linda great job on the clean-up! I did part of my room weeks ago to work and I think I need to go back and do minor pick up before it gets out of hand again. Thanks for being brave and showing the before and after photos.

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