Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Vacation Project

Is this the cutest wallhanging??!!  I've been saving up this block of the month from Angie's Bits and Pieces since the first of the year and when my darling niece, Jenny, saw them she flipped!

We went to work right away choosing the background fabrics that we wanted -- that took two days lol!!  Then we put our trees together, which was another three days because this is big!!

Finally we were able to start on our owls, but what decisions we had to make!  Each one of these little guys had our full attention as we put together, heads and bellies and feet and wings.  And as each one developed we found that we had to give them names!  We're only halfway done with the year, but for now say hello to Stu and Bert and Bonnie and Tweet lol!!!


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