Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm not procrastinating!!

Well, I've had some great success in the past couple of days. YES, the quilt from hell is off the machine, the binding is made and I'll attach it in the morning -- the end is in sight! Also got all my cut up 9 patches put together and tomorrow they should be a table topper -- have you tried that "disappearing nine patch" yet? It is such a great way to use up charm squares (think Moda Charm Packs!!) You make a 9-patch block then cut it down the middle and across the middle ... then you take the pieces and mix them up and arrange them in a pleasing way to your eye and sew them back together. Believe me, NO ONE will ever know that it started life as simple 9-patch blocks. And lastly, years ago I was involved in 6 1/2" 9-patch block swaps -- dozens of them -- every color of the rainbow -- I have the never-ending supply of 9-patch blocks! So, I've had them hanging around and pulled out the green ones about six months ago. I did the "disappearing 9-patch" trick to the little blocks and have turned them into a tank cover and little counter mat for the downstairs bathroom! How cute is that??!!! And more stuff out of my sewing room :) :)


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