Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Outside of the box

There are so many things that I turn to gain inspiration in my quilting. So many of them are visual, the wildflowers in Texas, and the beauty of the beach…. But every so often Im so lucky to be blessed and touched by a person. Linda is one of those people that was placed in my life to give my inspiration and encouragement and I was so blessed to meet another one this past weekend. This past weekend I met Jerry Callender. He is an avid car (mustang) fanatic and quilter who has only been quilting for a couple of years. I absolutely fell in love with his quilts. Not only are they done with the utmost passion and love, they are so out of the box. Jerry just lets himself go and feel the quilt. Most of which are done for cancer patiets like the one pictured below. There are no patterns, no exact measurements just a vision. He has inspired me to stop feeling like my quilts have to look like the pictures. I can and will start thinking outside the box. I am going back to school this fall to finish my graphic design degree. Thank you Jerry for letting me know you can start at any age and follow your heart!!!!

Jerry and one of his T-Shirt quilt for 7 year old Logan, who is dealing with Ewing's Sarcoma


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